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Ongoing Care

It is our joint responsibility to see that your dentistry is properly cared for and to insure that dental health is maintained.  Therefore, we maintain a well-organized preventive recall system.

Together we will determine the time interval between appointments.  It is usually evaluated by how extensive the past problems have been.  Regular preventive maintenance visits promote superior dental health.

Emphasis on Prevention...

We know how to control dental disease and want to help you understand the destructive nature of bacterial activity.  When you understand it, you can control it.  Prevention of dental disease is one of our primary goals. 

We know things now that we didn’t know - even a few years ago.  Periodontal disease is a result of the imbalance between bacterial plaque accumulation and the strength of the patient’s resistance factors.  Periodontal disease may have some serious effects on the cardiovascular system as well.

Dental disease can be controlled if we control bacterial plaque activity on a daily basis.  Indeed, we place great emphasis on prevention.

Diagnosis: Our Most Valuable Tool...

In order to prevent dental disease, the active disease must be evaluated and eliminated.  Therefore, we must have a complete picture of your oral condition as well as an insight to your dental and medical history.

At the initial examination appointment we would like to get acquainted with you.  We will make a thorough evaluation of existing and potential problems.  The following will be completed at this initial Comprehensive exam:

Necessary x-rays, Oral Cancer Screenings, which include a head and neck exam, a complete periodontal examination, this measures and documents the soft tissue and bone support around each tooth.  Diagnosis of restorative needs, TMJ evaluation, occlusion, (diagnostic models may be taken) and an Esthetic evaluation using intra-oral and digital photos.

PMV: Periodontal Maintenance Visit

This is a routine procedure appropriate for patients without evidence of previous periodontal disease.  A periodontal maintenance visit is a scaling and polishing procedure which removes bacterial plaque, calculus (tartar) and stains.  We will also complete an oral cancer exam and clinical evaluation.  This PMV visit is performed on patients in a healthy dental condition.  This is necessary to maintain dental health, prevent cavities, and infections of the gums and supporting tissue surrounding the teeth.

SPT: Supportive Periodontal Therapy

 Appropriate for patients who have a history of periodontal disease or who have completed active periodontal therapy.  When a patient has completed active periodontal treatment, an interval is established for his/her return for preventative care.  This interval may be as frequent as every 8 weeks but not more than 16 weeks.  This is often referred as a recall appointment.  It will consist of a brief examination for new findings, update of your medical history, evaluation of current periodontal condition, re-instruction where necessary, periodontal scaling and possibly additional treatment for active therapy, and polishing of the teeth. 

PCE: Periodic Comprehensive Exam

A periodic comprehensive examination includes an update of necessary x-rays, , a complete comprehensive restorative and periodontal exam performed by Dr. Mangia.  This exam is performed every 2 years. It will include the following:

Necessary x-rays, oral cancer screenings, including a head and neck exam, complete periodontal examination, which measures and documents the soft tissue and bone support around the teeth.  Diagnosis of restorative needs, TMJ evaluation, occlusion evaluation, (diagnostic models may be taken) and an esthetic evaluation.

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