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Dental emergencies are often painful, inconvenient and, most of all, unexpected. Guy Mangia, DDS, in Sherman Oaks, CA, offers urgent dental care options to reduce patient suffering in the event of a dental emergency.

Why offer urgent care services?

For many people, a healthy smile is an important part of day-to-day life. In some situations, sudden dental damage can be painful, alter appearance in an undesirable manner, or can even be dangerous to overall health. Often, patients have put lots of time and money into maintaining a beautiful smile, and an unexpected dental emergency is a highly stressful, anxiety-inducing event. Dr. Mangia knows how important it is for patients to have access to high-quality emergency dental care from experts whom they can trust to restore both health and beauty to a damaged smile. That is why Dr. Mangia and his staff offer urgent care services to patients.

What are common dental emergencies?

Dental emergencies that require urgent care have a range of causes and symptoms. Common dental emergencies include broken teeth, swollen gums, abscesses or swelling around a tooth, lost crowns and broken dentures. Any situation that involves visibly damaged teeth, broken dental treatments, signs of infection, or extremely painful teeth or gums can potentially be a dental emergency.

What kinds of services are offered with urgent care?

Dental urgent care serves to alleviate pain and inconvenience resulting from dental emergencies. Each situation is unique, but common procedures include treatment of abscesses and infections, patching damaged teeth, tooth extraction, and emergency repairs of teeth and dentures. The goal of urgent care is to address critical dental concerns and provide patients with pain relief and dental counseling until additional procedures can be scheduled. Dr. Mangia’s practice specializes in keeping patients’ smiles both healthy and beautiful, and they can be trusted to offer high-quality advice during a dental emergency to get smiles back to normal as quickly as possible.

When should a patient seek urgent care?

If a patient is experiencing pain, has a visibly damaged tooth, or any dental condition that is impairing chewing or speech, he or she should come in for urgent care. There is no need to prolong suffering while waiting for the next appointment!

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