My Story As A Dental Patient

Pam as patient

Originally written on September 9, 2015

Since yesterday I began experiencing a dull ache and last night boy oh boy the pain kept me up all night long, and I don’t ever want to experience that again! I told myself I think I need a root canal. 

When I arrived at the office this morning Dr. Mangia took a look and found that there was a crack in the tooth, and recommended I see an Endodontist to have the tooth evaluated. After the exam the diagnosis was right and the best course of action was to have the tooth extracted because I had cracked it into the nerve……Because of the location of the crack on I went to see the Oral Surgeon. This afternoon today I said goodbye to that tooth.

Not every cracked tooth needs to be extracted, some depending on the location and depth of a crack can be saved from extraction, if you get it treated early. Unfortunately, I did not have that option!

Treatment depends on the location, direction, and extent of the crack. Cracks vary from superficial ones in the outer layers of the tooth to deep splits in the root affecting the pulp (the center of the tooth, which contains the tooth's nerves).

If the crack affects one or more cusps of a tooth, the tooth may be restored with a crown. If a crack affects the pulp, you probably will need root canal treatment. About 20% of teeth with cracked tooth syndrome require root canals. After a root canal, the tooth will no longer be sensitive to temperature, but it still will respond to pressure. This means that if you felt pain when you bit down before the root canal, you probably will not feel it as intensely as before, but you may feel it from time to time.

In some severe cases, the tooth may need to be extracted. Some cracks extend into the root of the tooth under the bone and there's no way to fix the tooth. If your dentist decides the tooth needs to be extracted, you can have it replaced with an implant or a bridge.

- Pam
P.S. That’s me in the photo!

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