Holiday Treats

During this fun and festive time of year, it is easy to get busy and forget about the simple things we do automatically any other time of year.  Brushing yourteeth should not be one of those forgotten occurrences.  In fact it is better to brush and floss more often during this time of heavenly meals and delectable sweets.  We welcome you to 4 tips that will help keep your smile brilliant through this enjoyment filled holiday season.

  1. Brush often – If you can brush and floss after every meal that would be great.  Bring your toothbrush and some floss with you everywhere you go.  (Or at least bring some sugarless gum).  When the food that you have just eaten sits on your teeth it becomes acidic and can cause all types of problems if left to sit there.  So, after having the wonderful meals followed by the delectable desserts take a few moments to give your smile the gift of health.
  2. Your teeth are not tools – During the holiday season, there are a multitude of different seasonal nuts and seeds.  To handle those nuts you need a nutcracker not your teeth.  Biting to crack a nut can do just the opposite; it can crack the tooth leaving the nut in its original state and you in pain.  Avoid using your teeth as tools to crack nuts, open bottles, and bit things that just don’t belong there.
  3. Be mindful of the things you bite on – candy canes and caramel popcorn balls are wonderful treats that we see during the holiday season but can raise havoc on your teeth.  The consistency of these and other favorite holiday morsels can be the undoing of your teeth.  One wrong bite and a tooth can crack, causing you discomfort and pain.  Avoid biting on anything that is hard, no matter how tempting it may be.

Don’t forget to include your teeth on your gift list – You need to change your tooth brush every 3 months.  Why not give your teeth the gift of a new toothbrush during the holidays.  They will love you for it and in turn show their love with a bright radiant smile.

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