Dental Insurance Open Enrollment

Take advantage of your dental insurance benefits before the end of the year. You have between now and December 31st to make the most of your dental insurance.  Will you use it or lose it?  Did you know that your dental insurance benefits re-set at the beginning of the year?  If you don’t use your dental benefits before the end of the year; that is money left unused.  Your money.  First, find out if your insurance benefits run on a calendar or fiscal year.  If it’s a calendar year plan, then everything resets January 1st

What is the best way to use my dental insurance benefits? 

Start thinking about your dental insurance coverage and your dental needs early.  Start in early fall, so that at your next dental visit you can determine what you need to have done.  Take advantage of what you need before your dental benefits expire.  Most dental insurances take care of two routine check-ups and cleanings a year separated by six months.  Getting regular check-ups ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy. And most importantly see your dentist so he can make sure that new problems aren’t developing. 

What if I need a lot of work?

If you need more extensive treatment, then finding this out before the end of the year allows you to take advantage of your dental insurance.  And If you have paid your deductible then your out of pocket expense will be less.  Also; if you are getting close to using up your annual maximum dental benefits allowed, “Optimum Dentistry” can come up with a plan that helps you maximize your benefits by splitting your treatment between this year and using your renewed benefits next year to complete your treatment.  This approach allows you to minimize your out of pocket expenses and maximize your dental insurance benefits.  “Optimum Dentistry” feels that taking care of your oral health is an important part of your overall health and longevity. Therefore, we want to help you achieve your goals in the easiest and safest way possible. 

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