Dental Crown

A dental crown is a restoration that we can use to protect your teeth.  We often place crowns for patients who have encountered extensive tooth decay or have fillings that are too big to restore again or to strengthen a tooth following root canal therapy, or for teeth that are cracked.  Dental crowns serve to protect you from further pain/discomfort, or damage by completely covering your damaged tooth.  No matter how bad your dental damage is our team can likely repair it with crowns.

Our crowns can be used with implants.  If damaged or missing teeth are making you feel less confident or are preventing you from eating the foods that keep you healthy, it is definitely time to take some form of corrective action.  A dental implant can be used to replace missing teeth. Or even to stabilize a set of dentures.  Implants are one of the most effective replacements because they function like real roots and are almost as strong.  They can be restored with dental crowns, so they look just like natural teeth. 

We hope this helps and inspires you to get started.  To schedule, call our office and any of our team members will be able to help find the perfect time for you to come in.

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